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Built for business and IT, designed for large companies to launch their RPA projects at scale.

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The Connect Partners Community Edition

Fully featured, extensible and FREE to use by individual developers, Enterprises and other Legal Entities.

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Connect Partners Enterprise RPA Platform VS Connect Partners Community Edition

  • TargetRecommended
  • Cloud & On-premisesFully integrated with Connect Partners Orchestrator
  • SupportPhone, email and ticketing support, Connect Partners implementation partners and Connect Partners Community Forum
  • UpdatesImplemented by enterprise
  • Included ComponentsStudio, Robots, Orchestrator
  • TrainingRole-based, online and on location. Connect Partners Academy & Connect Partners Official Training Partners. Certification enabled
  • ActivationOnline and Offline
  • For individual developers, **Enterprises and ***Legal Entities.
  • Up to 2 Robots connected to Orchestrator CE
  • Connect Partners Community Forum
  • Received automatically
  • Studio, Robot, Orchestrator CE
  • Role-based, online, self-paced Connect Partners Academy. Diploma enabled
  • Online

*Phone, email and ticketing support are not available for Connect Partners Community Edition.

**Any organization together with its affiliates (as defined by applicable law) that collectively have either (a) more than 250 machines (physical or virtual) or users, or (b) more than 5 million US dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) in annual revenues. Enterprises may use Studio and Orchestrator only for evaluation and training purposes.

***Any organization that does not meet the criteria to be an Enterprise, together with their affiliates (as defined by applicable law). Legal Entities may use Studio on up to 5 machines across the Legal Entity plus affiliates, and Orchestrator only for evaluation and trainings.

Both Connect Partners Enterprise RPA and Connect Partners Community Edition work exclusively on Windows. Make sure to browse through our extensive database of Video Tutorials and User Guides and the Connect Partners for extra support on your digital transformation journey.

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